Create Your Dream Bedroom: Top 10 Best Wardrobe Designs Curated by Decorwood in Mumbai

When it comes to bedroom furniture, besides the bed, the wardrobe takes the spotlight as the second most crucial piece. Acting as a storage haven for all our essentials like clothes and accessories, wardrobes play a pivotal role in maintaining bedroom tidiness and organization.

Just envision if everything stored in our bedroom were scattered around the room instead of neatly tucked away in the wardrobe. It would undoubtedly create a cluttered and chaotic atmosphere, wouldn’t it?

Achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing bedroom aesthetic heavily relies on getting the wardrobe design spot on. With an abundance of options available, selecting the perfect wardrobe design can be overwhelming. In this blog, we’ll navigate you through various wardrobe designs, helping you decide which one suits your bedroom best with the expertise of Decorwood Wardrobe Designer in Mumbai.

Different Types of Wardrobe Designs by Decorwood Wardrobe Designer in Mumbai:

Two-Door Wardrobe Design:

At Decorwood Wardrobe Designer in Mumbai, we offer stylish and functional two-door wardrobes. These wardrobes feature two doors that can either slide or open outward. Inside, you’ll find storage racks of various sizes and shapes, perfect for hanging clothes, storing accessories, and keeping bags. Some of our two-door wardrobes even come with hooks and hangers on the inside of the doors for added convenience.

Ideal for individuals or couples with ample belongings, our two-door wardrobes can also accommodate bedroom linen and household items, making them versatile storage solutions for any space.

Three-Door Wardrobe Design:

Looking for more storage space ? Consider our three-door wardrobes, which combine the functionality of a single-door wardrobe with a two-door wardrobe. These larger wardrobes offer plenty of space for hanging clothes, with various sizes of storage racks to suit your needs.

Before choosing a three-door wardrobe, it’s important to measure the available space in your room, as these wardrobes require ample room to accommodate their size. However, their multifunctional design allows you to organize personal items on one side and home linen on the other, maximizing storage efficiency.

Sliding Door Wardrobe Design:

If space is a concern, our sliding door wardrobes are the perfect solution. These stylish wardrobes feature doors that slide open, saving space in cramped rooms. Inside, you’ll find similar storage options to traditional wardrobes, with hanging space and racks of various shapes and sizes.

While sliding door wardrobes typically do not include mirrors due to the risk of scratching, they offer a sleek and modern look that complements any decor.

Wardrobe with Mirror Design:

For added convenience and functionality, Decorwood Wardrobe Designer in Mumbai offers wardrobes with mirrors. These wardrobes eliminate the need for a separate dressing table, serving as both storage and a dressing area. Our full-length mirror wardrobes reflect light, making your room appear larger while providing ample space for dressing and grooming.

Important Considerations Before Buying a Wardrobe

Before investing in a Decorwood wardrobe designer in Mumbai, there are several crucial aspects to contemplate:

  1. Room Size Compatibility: It’s imperative to ensure that the chosen wardrobe size harmonizes with the dimensions of your room. Opting for an excessively large wardrobe may overpower the space, resulting in imbalance. For smaller rooms, single or double door wardrobes are advisable to maintain proportion.
  2. Available Space Assessment: Beyond room size, it’s essential to evaluate the specific area designated for the wardrobe. This consideration allows for tailored searches online, ensuring the selected wardrobe fits seamlessly into the available space. Slider wardrobes prove advantageous for compact areas, offering accessibility even in confined spots.
  3. Color Scheme Integration: The color of the wardrobe plays a pivotal role in room aesthetics. When selecting a Decorwood wardrobe, align the color choice with your bedroom’s existing palette. Alternatively, opt for a contrasting hue to create a striking visual impact. For instance, pairing a black wardrobe with beige walls can create a contemporary look.
  4. Storage Needs Fulfillment: Wardrobes primarily serve as storage units, necessitating ample space for various belongings. Ensure the chosen Decorwood wardrobe accommodates your storage requirements, offering segregated compartments for clothing, accessories, jewelry, and valuables like diamonds and cash.
  5. Design Appeal: The design of the Decorwood wardrobe significantly influences the room’s ambiance and aesthetic appeal. Prioritize a design that complements your bedroom’s decor, enhancing its overall personality. Given that the wardrobe is a substantial furniture piece, meticulous attention to design ensures it seamlessly integrates into the space, preventing dissatisfaction with its appearance post-purchase.

By considering these factors, selecting a Decorwood wardrobe designer in Mumbai becomes a well-informed decision, ensuring optimal functionality and aesthetic enhancement for your bedroom.


Decorwood Wardrobe Designer in Mumbai offers a diverse selection of wardrobe designs tailored to meet individual needs. From stylish two-door wardrobes to spacious three-door options, Decorwood ensures customers find their ideal storage solution. Sliding door wardrobes provide space-saving functionality, while designs with mirrors add convenience and enhance room aesthetics.

Considerations such as room size, color coordination, and storage needs are crucial in selecting the perfect wardrobe. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Decorwood remains a trusted provider of innovative wardrobe solutions, helping customers create organized and visually appealing bed/rooms.

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